My name is Christopher Suter. I am quite passionate about mathematics and its applications, and have been for some time. I have never made a habit of writing about my studies, but I think it’s high time I did. This blog will be my repository for such writing.

Me explaining stuff | Photo by Adam Reis

I studied math at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, from 2001-2006. I got a B.A., and while I’ve always thought I’d eventually pursue a graduate degree, I started working in software shortly after graduating and have never wanderred back into academia. I first spent a little over 4 years at a music streaming startup called Grooveshark, which was, quite unusually, founded and run out of Gainesville. That’s quite a story unto itself; I highly recommend the StartUp podcast episode about Grooveshark, if you’re interested:

After about 4.5 years of startup/music industry insanity I got a call from Google. I joined in September of 2011 and I’ve been there ever since. My day job is not terribly theoretical (though it has its moments), so most of my math studies these days are recreational. That being said, I’m taking more of an interest than ever in topics in applied math and statistics, owing largely to the surge in popularity of machine learning.

(UPDATE: as of January 2018, I’ve changed teams and I now work on the team that produces TensorFlow Probability – my job is super math-y these days, and I love it!)

As of now, I’m using a static site generator called Hugo to build this blog. It’s pretty cool, simple, and extensible, so I’m optimistic that it’ll support my needs going forward. I’ve already figured out how to do some fun embedding of three.js code, and it was pretty easy to get MathJax working for some $\rm\LaTeX$ goodness.

I’ll end this introductory meta-post there. Future posts will be much more about fascinating math, physics, statistics, and computer science. I hope it’s enjoyable and informative!

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